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Posh shed 1 low res

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  1. Johnny France says:

    Hope you put a DPM between the concrete and the OSB wall . Probably a floating floor on mini piles would have consumed less concrete and been more thermally efficient.
    Just saying 😉 Johnny France crap climber and admirer of your adventures and great stories. Best regards.

    • Nick Bullock says:

      Hey up… Yeah, used a DPM. The concrete slab caused me quite a bit of soul-searching, but the floating floor, 50mm of insulation and laminate, meant wood frame on piles, as we had for the two other small sheds that are hidden behind this one, was only possible with a further wood base on top of the frame. This would have doubled the cost and caused a lot more work. As you say, it would have been much better, (more airflow, less environmental impact) and I really did try to get some cheap wood/sheet type covering, but it just wasn’t possible to get the cost anywhere near the price of a concrete slab, and in the end we went for the less expensive, less time-consuming option. As they say in the States, my bad! I castigate myself on a daily basis for taking the cheaper, easier option 🙁

      Cheers Nick.

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