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The Man in Black Points the Way to The Lost Pillar of Scheiser.

On the car stereo, boom-chikka-boom, Johnny Cash sang in his freight train bass about his burning ring of fire, but there was certainly no ring of fire this Saturday morning in Wales. And as we crossed from the mainland to the … Continue reading

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Ridge Life.

Scimitar Ridge, is a wave of corrugated cardboard  cut-out from the heather-hillside high on the northside of the Llanberis Pass. Scimitar is for me, THE chosen venue. The wind often cuts through the scree beneath Scimitar’s dagger-overhangs. The sun shines in … Continue reading

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Into the Never Never.

  Picture a land in the grip of pestilence. The once pleasant, green and rolling countryside turned to misery. No longer can the people wander freely through the wide-open spaces. No longer animals aimlessly cavorting in the meadows, gambolling on … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to…

I Met Steve Mcclure a few weeks ago and it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to discussing the different aspects of climbing. The usual was covered, nuances between sport climbing and trad climbing, “Nick, it’ll help your climbing no-end … Continue reading

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