Into the Never Never.


Picture a land in the grip of pestilence. The once pleasant, green and rolling countryside turned to misery. No longer can the people wander freely through the wide-open spaces. No longer animals aimlessly cavorting in the meadows, gambolling on the Fells. Lorry’s rumbled through the lanes, hooves pointing skyward. Pyres burnt through the night. The evening news broadcast shouted of doom and despair; a grisly reminder to one’s own mortality. Foot and Mouth was ravaging Britain. Everyone was affected, traumatised … Distraught .

“Damned inconsiderate! Do these agricultural jonnies not realise I only have a couple of months to rockclimb before setting out on another mountaineering adventure,” growled Biffa, strutting back and forth gesticulating wildly …

The words written above are the beginning of an essay I wrote in 2004. At this time my writing was on a steep learning curve and experimental. This account is very tongue in cheek and an attempt to make light of myself. 

It would be interesting if anyone reading this could comment on whether they enjoyed it or not. Does it work? Is it too long and too in-depth? Is it funny?  Here is a link and if this does not work just go to the writing section beneath the header and click on Into the Never Never. Cheers, Nick.

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