Kendal Film Festival Lecture… Must Get.


The last two years of full time climbing have been good and bad, exciting and fun, full of high, low, dangerous, safe, wet, dry, warm and cold. The Kendal lecture will hopefully reflect all of the above but hopefully it will show that no matter what the outcome of a climbing trip, fun and experience, personal growth, friends and people are the most important factors.

The lecture will include several short clips of footage filmed and produced by Ray Saunders, Alastair Lee, Ray Wood, Lukasz Warzecha and Dave Reeves which have not been seen before and pics from three expeditions to Nepal, New routing in winter Lofoten, New routing in the French Alps, New routing in Scotland, New routing in Wales and on and on and on, blah, blah, blah… More important, I’ve also included some music from The Prodigy, Jose Gonzalez and The Chemical Brothers and as it’s on Sunday afternoon so I may even be sober and able to answer questions, although the answer you get may not be serious or the one you want!

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