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  1. Andy Sharp says:

    Hi Nick,just wanted to say great effort on your new route,I bet you were pleased to get it done this summer. Cheers Andy

  2. Pat McDonald says:

    Found you. Agree with sensory postcard of Anchorage. The best thing about Anchorage is that it’s close to Alaska. Safe climbing. Check with Irene for reading material when you’re on your way home- I’ll send that book if I can find it.

  3. tom gardner says:

    Half way through your book and its brilliant, most brilliant. I haven’t read any reviews, though i did read your review of that prick that said you were whinging about the prison service and that made me laugh. Anyway i like what you do so keep it up.

  4. Ken Galbraith says:

    Hello from America! I thought your book was outstanding and am very much looking forward to your presentation at the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest. Your writing is introspective and unquestionably looks beyond the topical aspects of what climbing means to you. I’m friends with Mark Twight and found good parallels between your style and Mark’s…great stuff! Will you have hard copy editions available at the Ice Fest? I’m hoping I could get a signed copy from you, and one more to give to Mark in Salt Lake. Cheers! See you in New Hampshire!
    Best Regards,

    • Nick Bullock says:

      Hey Ken,

      Cheers for this, appreciated. See you there, unfortunately I wont have any books with me, well apart from what I’m reading! Baggage limit and all of that!


      • Ken Galbraith says:

        Great show at the MWV Ice Fest, Nick! Awesome routes and I laughed my ass off with your stage antics! Kurt Winkler and I were channeling our inner Nick Bullock complete with yelling FUCK! and WANKER! while climbing our routes at Grafton Notch the next day! Hope you had a good time in NH. Safe travels and happy climbing!

        • Nick Bullock says:

          Nice one Ken, I was laughing a lot also and it was great to meet you… Sorry i didn’t have any copies of my book… heyho, baggage allowance and all of that! Keep up the bad language, it’ll get you up all kinds of climbs 😉

  5. Carl Davies says:

    Hi Nick,
    I attended your talk at Beacon centre the other evening. I’ve been to many different climbing talks and yours topped them all. You captured the feelings of many of us when climbing at the top of our grade, whatever that may be, in a very humourous manner. We’d just been in the Ladders on Pyramid Gully and arete and it was a cool end to a great hill day. Best of luck with the rest of the tour.
    Regards, Carl.

  6. Gary Jones says:

    Dear Nick,
    I saw you just last night at the Mount Washington Valley Ice Feast, giving your energetic presentation regarding the lovely trips you’ve taken abroad over the years. I was bloody gobsmacked. You were fucken brill! It was an absolutely smashing lecture, that left me felling, well, somewhat diminished and discontent with my own miserable, paltry existence. So in honor of your presentation, I got home last night and told that fucken nag of a cunt wife that she was all done! That I’d had enough. That I was going to hit the road. I told her to get her fat arse and all her bloody shit (all the floral patterned crap I hate and that we’re not allowed to sit on anyway) out of the house and to leave the dog.

    It is my hopes that even though I’m aged 49 years old now and have been climbing just 3 years that I can still muster up a few more resurrections of this disheveled wasted land of a body I’ve built and still get tucked into some good stuff.

    It would have been lovely to have your company as a guest guide for a day at the MWV ice feast. But who has the bloody bling for that? Ah?

    On a side note. Is it difficult to get sponsorship? I’m gonna need some fucken money for this.

    Yours very truly
    Gary Jones
    Originally from Skelmersdale UK
    Currently from Chocorua, NH

  7. Rishi( Loben's Friend) says:

    Hey Nick,
    Thanks for sharing your experience in the “Connected” enjoyed it and when do I get to read your book?

  8. Lloyd says:

    Hi nick

    Congratulations on the new route on Nyainqentangla, just watched the video on rock and ice, really enjoyed it – thanks for that 🙂 it was inspiring.

    Quick question – what camera did you guys use to film it?

    Thanks in advance


  9. Nick Bullock says:

    Hi Lloyd,

    Cheers for the generous comments. Both Paul and I filmed with Lumix cameras.

    All the best,

  10. Joshua Laverty says:

    Hi Nick,

    I bought your book, “Echoes” about 2 weeks ago and I’m in love with it. An exceptionally interesting book and very well written. I never thought I would find talk of the Prison Service interesting but it’s fascinating. I love it so much I’ve just ordered your newest book, “Tides”. You’ll have to get working on your next one as I don’t think it’s going to take me long to get through them both.

    Also I love all the over content you’ve made with Mountain Equipment and other Mountaineers. You really are one of the great icons of British Mountaineering to me and I aspire to be something close to what you are when I’m older, wiser and more experienced.

    Thankyou for devoting all your time into your writing and also into just being you.

    Keep up the awesome work,


  11. James says:

    Hi Nick. Just to say I was in the audience for your recent presentation at PYB (Monday 26th September). Massively inspiring, great humour and a really great insight into climbing without all the theatrics (false glamour?) – just down to Earth, raw getting out there and giving it your best… I have been climbing for 4+ years, started late (born with complex heart disease, but not listened to the naysayers for the past 10+ years now, we all have our history…) Planning first Winter technical routes in Scotland after building a Winter foundation over the last few years and lots of rock in N Wales. I feel additionally ’empowered’ to keep on pushing to make this a major part of my life. Reading Echoes at the mo following seeing you, enjoying it and really pleased you focus so much on your life leading up to climbing, which helps to show it didn’t ‘just happen’. Keep on it! James

    • Nick Bullock says:

      Hey James, what a great message, thanks, it means a lot. Haha, it certainly didn’t “just happen”

      Glad you had a good eve, so did I 🙂

      Hope it all works out for you and you receive as much fun and reward as I have from climbing.

      All the best, stay alive,

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