Lectures for December & January. Echoes & Beyond.

If nothing else comes from writing the book – meeting, getting to know and having a great laugh with this truly inspirational and brave guy, who was/is definately one of my inspirations, climbing and writing, will be enough. John Coefield http://www.v-publishing.co.uk/

Echoes and Beyond. I think that’s what I’ll call this lecture, although it will no-doubt change with each airing. You may think I’ve written the dates below to advertise, but actually its to remind me when and where I need to be.

If you’re interested there will be more info I’m sure on the links below and on http://www.mountain-equipment.co.uk/home.asp or http://www.v-publishing.co.uk/ I will not have anything on the blog I don’t think because from the 30th of September I’ll be in Nepal for two months.

What the talk will include (Some of this could/will change as I’m putting it together now) is a couple of stories from the book, possibly a reading from the book, some anecdotes about the writing procedure, then I’ll cover some more up-to-date stuff, possibly new routing and climbing in Scotland last winter, featuring a bit of film by James Dunn, The Slovak Direct in Alaska, some music to Canadian ice and mixed and I’ll have a 12 minute film put together by Ray Wood and Ray Saunders about climbing Melody, a hard rock climb on the Lleyn Peninsula in Wales.

Please don’t ask me to do any lectures in February or March or April or May… Well, in-fact for the rest of the year until November, I’ll be out climbing, after all, that’s what its about innit 😉

December 6th Plas y Brenan, for the Diploma for Mountain Medicine Course.

December 11th, Bryanston school, Dorset.

December 13th for The Alpine Club. AC Clubhouse, 55 Charlotte Road, London. Library open all day, bar opens at 6pm and the lecture starts at 7.30pm http://www.alpine-club.org.uk/

January 8th, Shrewsbury for www.highsports.co.uk, High Sports, 51/52 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, SY1 1XJ

January 9th, Lutterworth College for The Bowline Climbing Club, Leicestershire. http://www.bowlineclimbingclub.co.uk/

January 10th Harrogate Climbing Centre http://www.harrogateclimbingcentre.com/

January 12th BMC Expedition Symposium Plas y Brenan. North Wales. http://www.thebmc.co.uk/   

January 17th to 20th London Outdoor Show for DMM. http://dmmclimbing.com/

January 24th Solihull Mountaineering Club. Old Edwardians Rugby Club, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull, B90 3PE  http://www.solihullmc.org.uk/index.html

January 29th Manchester climbing Centre http://www.manchesterclimbingcentre.com/

February 1st – 3rd Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival, New Hampshire, USA.  http://www.mwv-icefest.com/

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