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‘Normal?’ A reply to a comment posted on The Guardian Website.

 Peter Beaumont’s article written for The Guardian website last weekend about climbing supremo Adam Ondra is well worth a read. It does open with one of my pet-hates, the word ‘conquering’ when related to climbing, but I suppose in this … Continue reading

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The Pendulum Swings. An account and a short film of something different.

Squalls of fat snowflakes were blowing between the trees, shimmering like fish swimming down the road. I sat alongside Ben Gilmore driving Doug’s scooby. Ben and I were heading toward Frankenstein for my penultimate day of New England climbing. I … Continue reading

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Cold Enough to Freeze a Grizzly’s Gonads!

    Early morning on the highway. Trees. Cold. Salt white roads. Rolling mountain outlines silhouetted by the red rising sun.  I was by myself in Doug Madara’s Suburu. Doug is a local from around these parts and a star. … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die.

  The small twin prop plane dropped, recovered, dropped, swung from side-to-side, recovered and finally, finally dived for the runway. Snow splatted against the window and through it I could see thick fog and the ground and fog and the ground – … Continue reading

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